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How to Get a BSNL Broadband Connection in Bhubaneswar

We’ve designed this guide to help you understand what it takes before you get a landline and broadband connection. With the help of this guide, you should be better prepared before your visit and able to save time during your stay at the office.

Are you planning to apply for a new BSNL broadband connection in Bhubaneswar? For the uninitiated, the process of visiting the helpdesk at BSNL office, getting your queries answered, choosing from plans, arranging the photocopy of the documents and running from one counter to another can be very frustrating.

This is exactly, why we’ve designed this guide – to help you understand what it takes before you get a landline and broadband connection. With the help of this guide, you should be better prepared before your visit and able to save time during your stay at the office.


  • Choose Broadband Plans
  • Application Forms
  • Address Proof
  • Identity Proof
  • Photo
  • Cash
  • A Lot of Patience (at BSNL Office)

Step #1: Choose Broadband Plans

BSNL offers a wide range of Broadband packages so there’s always a plan that can work for you. Click Here to take a look at the existing broadband plans.

However, BSNL has recently launched some new attractive plans such as BBG-249 ULD, BBG-499 ULD COMBO, and BBG-1199 ULD COMBO.


Credit: MobiGyaan

The last plan, i.e, BBG-1199 ULD COMBO plan offers a FLAT SPEED of up to 2Mbps. There’s no FUP Limit (Fair Usage Policy). This essentially means you can download as much data as you want and the speed remains the same, i.e, 2Mbps.

Moreover, it also offers free voice calling, meaning you don’t have to pay any monthly rentals for the landline. When we say free voice calling, it means you can literally call anyone (on any network) anywhere in India without having to pay a dime.

Of course, the Rs.1199 price tag is exclusive of the mandatory 14% taxes. So, the monthly rentals will be around Rs. 1400.

If you tend to use your landline a lot, this a great plan for you.

IMPORTANT: Just to be sure, please, ask the help desk at BSNL Office if the new plans are applicable to existing users.

Step #2: Download the Application Forms

Application Form for New Landline Connection: Click Here

Application Form for Broadband Connection: Click Here


The first form is required to apply for a New Landline Connection. The second one is required to apply for a broadband connection.

Please, note that these forms are available at BSNL Office, Bhubaneswar. However, if you want to save time, you want to download these forms, take their printouts and fill out the forms at your home to save time.

How to Fill Out the Forms? We’d advise you to get a print out of both forms and fill them beforehand. It will save you time at BSNL Office. With an outdated format (and myriads of cells), BSNL application forms might feel visually complicated but don’t panic – you don’t have to fill out all particulars. Follow the examples below.



Step #3: Get Your Documents Ready

If the landline connection is for your home (personal use), you will need the following documents.

Address Proof:

Photocopy of Electricity Bill (The bill should have name/address of the applicant)

Identity Proof:

Photocopy of PAN Card (The PAN Card should have name of the application)


One self-attested passport size photo of the application.


If you’re staying in a rented house, you will need to attach a photocopy of the Rent Agreement. Please, note that the rent agreement must be notarized.

If you already have a notarized rent agreement, then check the following:

  • If the rent agreement is in the name of the applicant (of the broadband connection).
  • If the rent agreement is still valid. If the agreement has expired, it’s not qualified as a valid document. You must renew it before applying for the broadband connection.

Here’s a list of documents for ID proof and Address proof.

MOST IMPORTANT: If possible, get the photocopies of your documents done before your visit. Also, carry a pen with you.

Step #4: Cash

You need to carry enough cash before visiting BSNL office.  Assuming you’re applying for a new landline connection and a broadband internet connection (plan 799), you need to pay: Rs. 250 (Installation Fee) + Rs. 799 (Broadband plan) = Rs. 1049.

You may also have to pay for the modem additionally. The payment depends on the model they use. However, if you already a modem at home, you need not worry about paying anything extra.

NOTE: The cost of a wireless modem is higher than that of a standard modem. If you want to buy the modem on your own or you already have one, you need to mention the same in the application form.

We’d advise you to buy your own wireless ADSL modem because BSNL takes a long time to give you a modem and again their modems are usually of poor quality but costs more. So, buy your own modem from any shop at Saheed Nagar, or either online (cheaper).

If you want to invest in a stable wireless ADSL modem that will never let you down, we suggest that you invest in one of these ADSL modems.

Step #5: Visit BSNL Office (at Rupali Square)

After filling out the forms and signing the documents (and your passport size photo), visit BSNL Office at Rupali Square. Go to one of their help desk agents and ask them to verify your forms and documents.

They may give you a number and request you to call up your local SDOP ask them if it’s feasible to get a new connection in your area immediately. The process is designed to check if the existing infrastructure is ready to accommodate new connections at the moment.

List of Phone Number of SDO's

List of Mobile Numbers of SDOP

BSNL has probably introduced this process to help avoid frustrations for the customers.

The help desk agent may also request you to visit Counter #3 for further verification processes, which is a couple of steps away from the help desk.

Once it’s done, you will need to visit CSC Room which is located in front of the help desk. She will simply put a stamp of approval on your application forms and request you to visit Counter #4. It’s located beside Counter #4 on the same floor.

The agent at Counter #4 will feed your details into their system and assign you a landline number there itself. It should not take more than five minutes. You will get a piece of paper carrying your landline number and the sum you need to pay at Counter #2.

You need to make the payment at Counter #2 and get a receipt for the same.

NOTE: You will be advised to wait until 1-2 working days for your local SDOP to give you a call. The landline and broadband should be installed immediately after that.

Additional Information:

New BSNL Broadband Plans

New BSNL Broadband Plans

Register for a New Connection Online: Click Here

You can also send an SMS to BSNL and one of their sales reps will contact you. Click here for more info.



  1. Hariram

    September 12, 2016 at 6:45 PM

    I took bb of BSNL in February,it just worked for 1 day from 24/2 to 25/2.after that it never worked and No one turned up till end of February.on 4/03 I surrendered it,but had to pay for one month.after that I took wefe , which is working guy’s have to be careful while taking BSNL,whatever be the cost

  2. Santosh Senapati

    September 12, 2016 at 5:16 PM

    Yes the same is here. I also had experienced the same and not been able to apply. Because the designated person from the concerned location is not replying for the status of existing infrastructure which enables to take the unlimited plan 1199.

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