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6 Outdoor Dating Ideas for Romantic Couples in the City

Welcome to Bhubaneswar! The Temple City is now home to scores of engineering colleges, management institutes and other vocational institutions. This effectively means you should no longer run short of potential dating partners. Ok, so you are new to the city, have already managed to find a potential date but don’t know where to date her, right?

Welcome to Bhubaneswar! The Temple City is now home to scores of engineering colleges, management institutes and other vocational institutions. This effectively means you should no longer run short of potential dating partners. Ok, so you are new to the city, have already managed to find a potential date but don’t know where to date her, right?

Let’s face it – you don’t want to date a girl at Garage Chowk or worse, Mancheswar Industrial Estate. I mean, come on – those places are notorious for love but famous for finding your first job. Plus, the 3-tire city is growing in leaps and bounds, offering a unique opportunity to the young couplets to date at places that never even existed earlier. So consider the following locations if you’re out of your wits trying too hard to find a place for that perfect date between you and your sweetheart.

Water Park, Phulnakhara

Well, you might complain this one is a bit far (12 kms) from the city, but then there’s nothing like dating your girl while you both are all wet, splashing water at each other. There’s something about this far-off place that inspires confidence for you in her mind. You can even treat her with some over-priced fast-food dishes and cold beverages. For very obvious reasons, the rain dance floors will get you both closer to the hilt, and take your chemistry to the next level. Better still, you can ride on those hi-speed rousing rides, if you both are a game to experience some aquatic adrenalin. At the end of the day, she knows you’re her man!

Sounds exciting? Oh wait -before you get ready for the ride in the water with your girl, consider splurging about a thousand bucks including the tickets (Rs. 200 per person), foods, beverages and caution money for locker facilities (100 bucks).

Botanical Garden, Nandankanan

If dating your girl in a calm, cool and serene place is what you often dream about, Botanical Garden is the heaven for you. Located at Nandan Kanan, nearly 7 km from the famous Fortune Tower, you will feel very fortunate to spend some quality time with your girl. The zoo authorities and staff members don’t really mind what you are up to as long as you have valid tickets with you. After all, nobody would visit a far-off garden designed to inspire popular interest in tree plantation if it didn’t have any “tangible” benefits on offer.

Indira Gandhi Park

If one goes by the name of the park, it should inspire patriotism. Ironically, it doesn’t. Located right in heart of the city, this park is an eternal favorite of the romantic couples and totally figures in the check-list of ambitious dating couples. So what makes it the most popular destination for dating in the town? Well, the beautiful green pastures and soothing breeze offer a great experience for both of you. If you are  dating someone for the first time, those serpentine walk-abouts might just lead you both to your  romantic rendezvous! Worried about the eateries? Don’t be! You have about dozens of mobile vendors on standby catering munchies. We assume nobody comes to the park with an empty-stomach though.

Ekamra Kanan

Apparently the largest park in the town, this place offers plentiful of greeneries, flowers and soothing breeze for an unforgettable dating experience. No wonder then why you would see many couples thronging the park even in the broad-day light. After all, when you get the perfect shade with a river in front of you for just 10 bucks per person and unlimited fun, who could resist such romantic temptations! Just avoid what rules are written on the sign-boards here and there, and you could just have the perfect date at the cheapest price around!

Forest Park

Since time immemorial, the Forest Park has hogged the limelight for making it to the top of the dating priorities for many couples in the city. Just get in the park, and your eyes won’t escape many couples cuddled up in every nook and corner of the park. But, don’t dread the scenario; the park is large enough to accommodate many more couples like you any day. For absolutely no entry fee, this is where the city has all the fun during the evening, come winter, rain or summer. You will want to carry a torch along as the lights go off sometimes.

Ekamra Haat

Pick this spot if you dare date your girl in public or if your relationship has been socially certified. It offers a wide range of open eateries where you can have a great time while having a good talk or a great romantic chit-chat. Plus, it has an amazing stretch of green pasture where you can sit relaxed and enjoy your date with pleasure.

Disclaimer: This article is purely based on the writer’s imagination and not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments.



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  2. Amrita

    February 7, 2014 at 3:18 AM

    Completely agree wid Amrita above dat ‘parks’ listed above r an absolute nuisance due to the sheer obscenity displayed in each of those places. Plz don’t misguide couples in this way coz der is not an inkling of decency esp in these parks.
    Its sheer irony u suggest carrying torch! The activities fr which these places r known for would welcome n even pay for lights off all the tym!
    To curb this obscenity best is to double or triple entry fee or simply ask to ‘get a room’ as rightly said above.
    I hate my b’ful cultured city turning into a place whr obscene display of lust takes place in every so-called ‘park’.

  3. Amrita

    March 19, 2013 at 7:20 AM

    Sadly People have forgotten the uses of the park…. here you are referring to “dating”, now today’s youth sadly are not clear what the meaning of dating is…..Please make an effort to do so….. What goes on in these parks is not dating, its obscene physical contact between boys & girls, in front of children who come to play in these parks and every body else who come for a walk or just to enjoy the flora and fona…….
    When was the last time you visited IG Park of Forest Park or the others…. It is disgusting…. dating is fine… but what actually goes on is way beyond that…. so advise them to get a room.

  4. Jay

    November 24, 2012 at 10:02 AM

    expected some restaurants…

  5. romy

    May 8, 2012 at 3:49 PM

    All parks ???? Is this all you have in your suggestion list ???? We all know the reasons for parks being famous… Thats not where a decent young couple can go with no hunk dory motives… You should explore more areas and then post such things… You will unnecessarily drag the new couples of the city to socially unacceptable places…

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