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101 Ideas for Tourists in Bhubaneswar

Udaygiri in Bhubaneswar

If you’re a tourist to Bhubaneswar, and looking for ideas on how to make your holiday in the city enjoyable, this post is designed to assist you with finding Bhubaneswar tourist places. So, let’s take a look at the ultimate Bhubaneswar tourist places list.

Although Bhubaneswar has been regarded as the city of temples owing to the abundance of rich ancient temple architecture, there’s clearly much more on offer. The moment you land at this beautiful city, you’re likely to fall in love with its sheer simplicity and welcoming mood. If you’re a tourist to Bhubaneswar, and looking for ideas on how to make your holiday in the city enjoyable, this post is designed to assist you with finding Bhubaneswar tourist places. So, let’s take a look at the ultimate Bhubaneswar tourist places list.


A: Movies

Catch a Movie: If you’re a movie buff and fancy Bollywood masala movies, one of our popular cinema theatres in the city is sure to entertain you. In terms of quality of experience, these movie theatres range from decent to excellent, which also include INOX, a pan-India multiplex. The effectively means you’re likely to catch a movie at any part of the day. Here are some of the popular theatres in Bhubaneswar city.

1. Inox
2. Keshari
3. Maharaja
4. Swati
5. Stutee
6. Sriya
7. Ekamra
8. Ravi Talkies

B: Restaurants

George On: When it comes to foods, Bhubaneswar is your oyster. From street foods to continental cuisines at many decent restaurants, you are going to find a place where you belong. You can even choose one of the posh star hotels if you want to experience authentic international dishes.

9. Dalma
10. Tangerine
11. Hyderabad House
12. The Zaika
13. Food Junction
14. Mainland China
15. Maurya Gardens
16. Deep Down South
17. Nakli Dhaba
18. Asli Dhaba
19. Bollywood, The Crown
20. Priya Restaurant
21. Atmaram Restaurant
22. Trident restaurant
23. Panorama, Swosti
24. Shiraz
26. Mainland china
27. Garam Masala
28. Zaika, Pal Heights
29. Breeze – Pal heights
30. Golden Bird
31. Kabab-e-Que
32. Bling It On-Marion
33. Truptee
34. Kebabs Unlimited, HHI
35. The Shanghai Express
36. Punjabi Tadka
37. Dakhin 9
38. Quick Pick

C: Sightseeing

Get Around: Many tourists tend to head straight to temples the moment they land here, but in addition to the temples, there are many other popular tourist places in Bhubaneswar just in case you’re looking for them. From Botanical Garden to Chandaka Sanctuary, there choice could be unending. Here is a list of places you might want to visit.

39. Nandan Kanan Zoo
40. Botanical Garden
41. Khandagiri
42. Udayagiri
43. Dhauli Giri Shanti Stupa
44. Rajarani Temple
45. Mukteshwar and Siddheshwar Temple Complex
46. Parasurameswar Temple
47. Lingaraj Temple
48. Deras
49. Chandaka Sanctuary
50. Yogini Temple at Hirapur
51. Rama Mandir
52. Iskcon Temple

D: Pizza Places

Bite a Pizza: Fond of pizzas? Not to worry! If not too many, there are a couple of renowned pizza outlets in the city which offer great taste in an enchanting ambience. Just spend some time with your friends at those pizza outlets to add more fun to your weekend.

53. Domino’s
54. Pizza Hut
55. Smokin’ Joes

E: Pubs

Let Your Hair Down: Want to make your weekend nights fun and meet new people or make friends? Well, there’s enough opportunity for you in Bhubaneswar. There are a dozen of pubs across the city that serve the right mix and pep up your mood with equally great music. Go shake a leg or two!

56. Xstacy
57. Desire, Pal Heights
58. Swosti-pub and disc
59. HHI Underground
60. Pegasus Bar & Restaurant
61. Baron and Baroness
62. The Trident bar
63. Presidency Bar
64. Oasis Lounge Bar
66. COOKS- Bapuji Nagar

F: Coffee Shops

Smell the Coffee: If you want to meet someone over a coffee, there is a wide range of options in the city for you. CCD (Café Coffee Day) has the largest number of coffee outlets in the city and you’re more likely to meet someone over there. If you’re looking for a clam and serene ambience to flip through your novel while sipping refreshing coffee, Chai Bar at Oxford Bookstore (Pal Heights, Jaydev Vihar) has been designed just for you.

67. Cafe Coffee Day
68. Share-a-Cup
69. Silver Streak
70. Cha Bar
71. Tea Pot-Mayfair
72. Zodiac
73. Vineeth

G: Shopping

Shop till You Drop: Nothing makes your vacation more fun and memorable quite like shopping. The good news is Bhubaneswar city offers you a heady range of options whether you’re buying handicrafts or silver ornaments. If you’re more into bargains, Market Building shopping complex comes highly recommended to you.

74. Forum Mart
75. Pantaloons
76. The World
77. Pal Heights
78. BMC Keshari Mall
79. Maruti Mall
80. BMC-Bhawani Mall
81. Ekamra Haat

H: Fun and Leisure (with Family)

Park It: If you are fond of green cover and meadows, spare some quality time with your family at one of the popular parks in the city. If you are a fitness conscious individual, you can choose Kalinga Stadium or Ekamra Park (near CRP) for a healthy beginning. Either way, you’re likely to spend some quality time and come off happy. Even better, treat your family with a memorable trip to the Water Park.

82. Water Park
83. IG Park
84. Ekamra Kanan
85. Biju Pattnaik Park (Forest Park)
86. Ekamra Haat
87. Mausi Maa Park
88. Madhusudan Das Park

I: Educational Outings (with Kids)

Mind Your Kids: Children like vacation in general but there are places in the city your kids will like in particular. Take a tour of the state museum in the city or take them to Tribal Museum at CRP and introduce them to the glorious display of ancient tribal culture of Odisha. They are going to have fun and cherish the trip for life.

89. Orissa State Museum
90. Pathani Samanta Planetarium
91. Science Park
92. Museum of Natural History
93. Tribal Museum
94. Nicco Park

J: Hiking

Go Hiking: How about going hiking while exploring the city’s beautiful tourist destinations! Yes, there are some places worth considering for hiking in this city. Located at a higher altitude, these places have emerged naturally ideal for hiking.

95. Dhauligiri
96. Khandagiri
97. Barunei Pahada
98. Sikharchandi
99. Deras Dam

 K: Photography

Capture the City: It’s quite rare to see a visitor to the city without carrying a camera with them. It’s even rarer for them to run out of photography opportunities, thanks to the beautiful and giving city. Talking about photography, there are countless photographers in the city, including amateur and professional ones. Many of them have been born and brought up here and still discover a whole new side of the city through their camera. Considering this fact, it’s not too hard to imagine how much photography opportunity this city presents to a visitor like you during your stay in the city. So what are you going to capture? The ancient temples maybe? The artifacts? Or just simply stand and observe the way of life!

100. Temples Architecture
101: Sculpture and Handicrafts

Did we miss anything there? Please feel free to add it in the comment section and we will update the post right away!



  1. Desh

    April 22, 2016 at 7:18 AM

    You can sit or stroll with your partner on the banks of the lake Bindusagar. The stairs ascending to it are clean with dim street light illuminating it. There is a famous dahi bara samosa outlet couple steps away. Perfect romantic get away I say.

  2. manisha mallick

    April 21, 2016 at 10:47 PM


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