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City Traffic Police to Build Mobile Squads

With the Durga Puja due in less than a month, the city police have decided to crack down on traffic offenders by spreading its net even further.

As per reports, the city police commissionerate is planning on building mobile squads in order to impose fine on traffic offenders in Bhubaneswar.

At present, the city traffic police are strategically blocking some high-traffic junctions in the city to catch the offenders and collect fine.


As per the plan, the mobile squads will roam around the city especially along the stretches of NH-5 to catch the intercept violators. More of such squads will be deployed once the city police increase its manpower.

The city police believe such a move will force commuters to conform to the traffic rules and behave themselves. If traffic offenders tried to escape the collection points by taking diversions, the mobile squads would chase them.

As per the reports, the city police squads are currently collecting fine to the tune of nearly Rs 1 lakh every day. Last year, altogether 87,817 traffic violators were caught, while fine worth Rs 12,984,240.

The current move is an extension of the city police’s ongoing plan to discipline unruly commuters, boost women’s safety and reduce cries in the years to come.

As per an earlier report, the city police had already started installing CCTV Cameras on PCR vans. In another move earlier, the police commissionerate had been planning to cancel the driving license from habitual traffic offenders.

They also have plans to build an online database of habitual traffic offenders and even submit prosecution reports against the habitual traffic offenders.

It will be interesting to see if how effectively the city police is able to implement these plans in order to accomplish its goal to make Bhubaneswar roads a safer place the commuters.

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