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Cash Crunch and Long Queues at ATMs Continue Unabated in Bhubaneswar

Money vending kiosks of major banks in the city had their shutters down for much of the day today

Cash crunch continues to see long queues and closed ATMs in Bhubaneswar a week after the demonetization move was announced.

Money vending kiosks of major banks in the city had their shutters down for much of the day today, too, because of the cash crunch that continues a week after the demonetization move was announced. The few ATMs that were open today had long queues outside them.

“I came all the way from Jatni to withdraw cash as many of the ATMs in my area had run dry. However, the situation in the state capital is even worse. Since most of the ATMs belonging to my bank are closed, I had to queue up at another bank’s ATM for half-an-hour to withdraw cash,” said Narayan Mohanty, a businessman from Jatni.

Another customer Jayanta Patra said he ran out of cash last night and had a trying time withdrawing cash today.

“Last night, I ran from one ATM to another and found no money at all. I woke up early this morning and chased a money carrying van of my bank. As it stopped and filled the cash at the ATM, I finally was able to withdraw cash,” said Patra, a resident of VSS Nagar.

While citizens continued to queue up at bank and post office counters for exchange of the demonetised currency, closed ATMs added to their woes.

“People are still in panic as the ATMs are going dry within an hour of opening. Our officials continue to fill the cash according to the directions of the government,” said Akash Mishra, a corporate bank employee.

Moreover, fights at ATM counters have become frequent, as panic-stricken people have been jumping queues at places. “People are going crazy. I was in

“People are going crazy. I was in a queue at one ATM when one person tried to go ahead of others. When I protested he argued with me with others remaining mute spectators. At last, I left the place without drawing any cash,” said Tutu Baliarsingh, a resident of Rasulgarh.

State Bank of India has 206 ATMs in the state out of which 38 are in Khurda, which includes Bhubaneswar. There is no approximate data on how many ATMs ran out of cash today. However, according to rough estimates, nearly half of the ATMs in the city ran out of cash by noon today.

The RBI had urged the “public to exercise patience and exchange notes at convenience anytime before December 30”, assuring the customers “there is enough cash available in the banks”.

That was on November 11. However, the apex bank had added: “It may take a while for the banks to recalibrate their ATMs.”

RBI Confirms Arrival of Rs. 500 Notes

People who have been waiting for new Rs 500 notes can now expect to have the first feel of it with the Reserve Bank of India assuring to bring them into circulation from Thursday. General manager of RBI, Bhubaneswar, Sarada Prasanna Mohanty on Wednesday confirmed arrival of the notes in the city. He said the new notes would be sent to bank branches from Thursday. He said once the new Rs 500 notes enter circulation, the cash crisis would ease in a few days.

Courtesy: The Telegraph

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